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The Shriver Report "A Women's Nation Pushes Back from the Brink"

Without the presence of a nurturing caregiver, chronic stress can become toxic. That is because the well-being of children is integrally connected to the well-being of their caregiver. But today, one in three woman are living on the brink of poverty. This week, A Woman’s Nation has released its third in a series of Shriver Reports, A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink, in partnership with the Center for American Progress. This publication of the Shriver Report is essential because it is a call to action to examine the status of women in America.

"How to Manage Stress in Children"

I never get tired of seeing awareness of ACEs and Toxic Stress being spread in the media! Last week, KARE 11 News in Golden Valley, Minnesota released a great video clip about toxic stress and its effects on children. In this short video, developmental psychologist Dr. Marti Erickson briefly explains how sustained stress without the presence of a caring adult can have serious developmental repercussion on a growing child.

Protecting Children from Toxic Stress

Last week, I had the pleasure of reading an extremely thoughtful article in the New York Times written by author and journalist, David Bornstein, entitled “Protecting Children from Toxic Stress.” This article expresses deep insight into not only the science behind the threat that ACEs and toxic stress pose to public health, but also the solution to this threat.

Early Childhood Poverty Damages Brain Development

So happy to see the science catching up with common sense! This week, U.S. News released an article explaining how recent research shows that exposure to early life adversity alters the physical makeup of a child's brain. Researchers are finally acknowledging that exposure to ACEs "should be considered no less toxic than exposure to lead, alcohol, or cocaine, and...merits similar attention from public health authorities." The more people know about this threat to public health, the more we can do to stop it!

An Integrated Approach to Treating Trauma

So pleased to have been able to speak about ACEs to Starfish Family Services in Wayne County, Michigan. Thank you to Zak Rosen from State of Opportunity for spreading the word through this podcast interview with myself and Michelle Duprey from Starfish Family Services. Check out the podcast here!

San Francisco Magazine Spreads the Word on ACEs!

So excited to be featured in this week's issue of San Francisco Magazine's The Talk! Many thanks to San Francisco Magazine and journalist, Chris Smith, for helping to spread awareness of ACEs and the amazing work being done at the Center for Youth Wellness! Check out the full article on page 29 of this week's San Francisco Magazine: http://media.modernluxury.com/digital.php?e=SANF

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius takes action against ACEs!

In our fight to improve the lives of children exposed to trauma, raising awareness of ACEs and toxic stress is half the battle. As knowledge of current research and the ACEs Study become more wide spread, more action against this major threat to public health is taken. Last week, knowledge of ACEs research prompted the Department of Health and Human Services to take a closer look at the way certain government systems, most specifically welfare and foster care, handle children's exposure to trauma.

Hillary Clinton turns to S.F. doctor to help kids

Check out this great article by Jill Tucker from the SF Chronicle about the Center for Youth Wellness and our participation in the new initiative Too Small to Fail backed by Hillary Clinton.


Child Poverty Can Be Alleviated

Childhood poverty CAN be alleviated! In my op-ed from last Sunday's SF Chronicle, I explain the dangerous long term effects childhood poverty can have on a child and its community and how recent science provides one of the strongest beacons of hope for breaking the generational cycle of poverty.

If you missed it, check out the full op-ed here: http://www.sfchronicle.com/opinion/article/Child-poverty-can-be-alleviat...

Center for Youth Wellness at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative America

Greetings from Chicago! I am SO thrilled to be a part of the launch of Too Small To Fail, a new joint initiative with Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation and Next Generation that was annouced today at the Clinton Global Initiative!

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